My FaceBook Persona is not Me.

Listening to Prof. Bibo White talk on the future of social networking, where FaceBook leads the way with over 400 million members, actually making it the 3rd largest country in the world (in terms of population); I started thinking how my FaceBook account has taken over my life.

Every morning, I open FaceBook before my office email. I run TweekDeck; which allows me to update FaceBook and Twitter; without the need to visit the websites and browse through the status updates sof my friends. Yup, I am part of the FaceBook nation but how much of what I put on FaceBook really represents me?

FaceBook is my online persona, and it may or may not be true to who I am. I can safely hide behind a digital mask and none would be the wiser to me. And I am beginning to catch myself telling people I meet to search me on FaceBook. I don’t carry name-cards anymore, choosing instead to ask people to Google my name and it will lead them to my blog.

But FaceBook is not me. It represents me, yet it is not me. It doesn’t capture me as a person. Instead, you read what I want you to read. And I can make up whatever I want you to read. I can be a hard-convict in prison and online, I can make myself to be the granny that lives next door you to you.

And looking at my FaceBook account, I have almost 500 friends yet in everyday life, I tend to talk to only 3 people. And these 3 people know me as I am, not the FaceBook persona but me as a human being.

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I update Twitter using TweetDeck

I was slow to take to Twitter until a dear friend twisted my arm and told me how “uncool” it was for me not to be on Twitter. Heck, I wasn’t even big on FaceBook but then the same argument was used on me in that one too.

Anyway, I took to FaceBook and Twitter and have been using TweekDeck to help me manage the organised chaos all those status posts create.


I have TweekDeck installed on my iBook and also my office PC and it does what it is suppose to do. I treat Twitter as a public chat box when I need to chat with a friend. I bet people are following me because they just want to read all the nonsense my friend and I twit about.

I like the interface a lot. It’s simple and you are alerted if a new status is posted on either Twitter or FaceBook. The good thing is, you can update you status for Twitter and FaceBook; all from this one interface, without the need to log into the mentioned websites. This feature where I can update incognito has saved me countless times from encounters with my online stalker (that’s a story for another time).

Give it a try. It’s available for Mac OSX,Windows and LINUX.

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