Folly for Satire




All lies,

All you believe,

They are all life’s lies,


Power is masked,

Behind the idea of strength,

To be equal is strength says the feminist

To be masculine is strength says the chauvinist male,


False truths,

Your society fed down your gullible gaping mouth,

Silly ideas, silly, silly ideas,

Small woman, smaller man,


You scream strength and ideals,

But control the world between your thighs,

You flirt your way through life, hypocrite;

Your weakness is your strength,

You are the satire,


You scream brawns and muscle,

Musky stench, condescending male beef machine,

Big muscles, small brains, egos bigger than your balls,

Your strength is your weakness,

You are the satire,


Puny mortal,

Men and Women are all satire…





All lies,

All you perceive,

They are all life’s lies,


Truth is masked,

Behind the words of the powerful,

Incorruptible leaders, untouchable leaders,

Are the most corrupt, the most vile,


False truths,

Your perceptions are all painted fairy tales,

You believe what you are fed to believe,

Truths and perceptions, false men and false women,


You believe the painted faces,

Speaking truths through a silicon window,

She’ll say anything they’ll tell her to,

Your truth is what is made for you,

You are the satire,


Your perceptions drive you,

To a burning death, sheep to the slaughter,

To ruins, follow the leader, to burn, to burn,

Your ideas will not save you,

You are the satire


Such puny mortals,

Your truth and beliefs are satire…




Puny mortals,

Puppets for powers,

Your very life is a satire,

Amusement for the universe,


Humans are a virus upon this earth,

Breeding to destroy,

Never content,

Greedy little critters,


You devise contraptions,

For the sole purpose of destructions,

The sole reason for elimination,

An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth

And all are left blind and toothless.


You are a satire onto itself,

A joke within a joke,

In spite of your religions,

Your religion seems but ONE,


Total destruction of each other and everything in between


Puny mortals,

Blame the gods when life is bad,

Forget the gods when life is good,

But you serve only one real god,



Holy men, hiding behind their masks of religions,

Plotting destruction on each other,

Rewarding each other for death delivered,

Heaven and Hell, filled with the murderers,


Your life is a satire,

A joke,

An oxymoron of everything you say you are,

A lie within the truth, you make yourself believe,


Satire is your belief,


Your very own personal joke,

So are we wrong to say this?

Ask yourself.