Article: Sibu voters roar, BN whimpers

They were not against 1Malaysia or the Prime Minister. In fact he was a favorite of Sibuans. It was not the federal government (in general) that they did not favour, the state authority  and specifically its head, Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud. This was a feeling strongly held among voters, both in urban Sibu and rural Sibu.

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Change is coming to Malaysia

I normally don’t want to talk about politics on this blog and reserve it for my articles at, but I can’t help in commenting about the Sibu by-election and the slim win by the opposition party, DAP.

I got a text message at 9.30pm, yesterday evening, that DAP was leading. I had known since 1.30pm that they were in the lead after the rural votes were tallied. With my friend’s text at 9.30pm, I knew then that a half miracle had happened. The opposition DAP had won in a city which, for all it seems, was going in favor to the ruling government – Barisan Nasional (National Front).

And as expected, not much is commented about this win in the main-stream media. A small mentioned in The Star Online and a whisper in The New Straits Times. After a week of lop-sided coverage, news of the results going against the establishment is relegated to obituary status. This is the mind-set of news-reporting in Malaysia. News reports should always polish up the standings of the current government.

I’m in a way, happy for the results of the Sibu by-election. It shows that the Malaysian public is waking up and deciding for themselves who they want in parliament.

Article : A Party is Not Government

Another article of mine where I think the chances of the opposition party winning in the Sibu by-election is slim.

Separation of government and political party is a must, if politics in Malaysia is to mature.

But the idea that BN is government has been a mainstay of every election since the formation of Malaysia. The people are reminded time and time again that BN is government, that Malaysia has no future without a BN government.

Article: A Party is not Government.