Poem : That place in my heart

That Place in My Heart
by Maclean Patrick

Can’t say I did not try,
Don’t say I did not fight,
Holding on for more than too long,
I held on too tight,

Sunset came and the moon came up,
Time passed and moved away,
But today feels like yesterday,
In the moment; there’s where I stay,

That place in my heart,
It remains unchanged,
A corner untouched by fade’s lust hand,
Where love remains unstained,

That place in my heart,
Where I remember you still,
With the smile you gave before your left,
A promise to hold on ’till…


Love has its psychology.

I came across this article and find the idea interesting. As a writer of books that question the different aspects of love, every new thought on the matter is worth reading and contemplating.

When people are in a solid, settled relationship, doesn’t the intensity of the love experience fade? And if so, why?

Art and literature are full of this same idea. How many more poems and stories and songs are written about longing and desire and painful, troubled love, as compared to those about contented, stress-free monogamy?

Is this because love is just so hard to get right?

Or is there something about the human psyche that often wants love to be hard?…something that wants and needs and creates that distance?

Full article: The Psychology of Love

Somehow, the idea of falling in love is just that. Falling. What if love takes several steps such as 1) falling in love, 2)being in love, 3)staying in love, and 4)growing in love? So the experience of love is not just merely the first phase but rather the full cycle. Often times we limit ourselves to the wonders of the first step but fail to see the other steps involve; because “Falling in Love” is a chemical reaction. The rest are decisions.