Poem: A cloud over my head.

A Cloud Over My Head
by Maclean Patrick

There’s a cloud over my head,
The kind that keeps you awake,
Pulls you along a string of dreams,
Annoying, a pest, the beholder of a head-ache,

There’s a frown on my face,
An up-side down smile,
The kind that brings tears to your eyes,
Tears of pain and all things vile,

There’s a hole in my heart,
The kind that comes from a fracture,
Pulling me deeper into the abyss,
A spiral of gray dreams; beyond measure,

There’s a cloud over my head,
The kind that keeps the frown on my face,
A swirl of gray measurable-less dreams and screams,
As I lie watching from this earthly space.


Depression is an illness of the strong, diligent and reliable.

Clinical depression, in my experience, nearly always happens to one type of person. So much so, in fact, that it has changed the way I assess patients suffering from it. The Royal College of Psychiatrists guidelines on psychiatric history-taking say one should find out about a person’s personality as part of this process. but I don’t bother any more because it is always the same.

Sufferers are:

  • Strong
  • Diligent
  • Reliable

With a strong conscience and sense of responsibility


  • Sensitive
  • Quite vulnerable to criticism
  • With an easily dented self-esteem.

Full Article: The Cantopher Document

This is a wonderful document on depression. If you believe that you are coping with depression, do read this document and understand that there are ways to cope and recover. And you will be surprise, the ways to recover (mentioned here) go against the common idea of how one should cope with depression, yet I believe they work.

Depression can handicap the very best of us. It is not something that can be zapped away by positive words or pointed advice (I’ve heard my share), but rather; with clear understanding of what a sufferer is going through. Key too, is to understand how one can fall into the pit of depression.

I wasn’t born with depression but I had the perfect personality make-up to fall into depression.

My depression was triggered and the natural filters that safe-guard all human beings against depression moods, in me; broke. Thus, recovery for me is not merely a thinking process but also a restoring of my own natural defenses back to their normal state, where I am naturally capable of withstanding depression moods.

And in my own study of my state, it is glaring that most people (though well-meaning) are ill prepared to deal with a depression-sufferer. No fault of their own, they are just un-informed and un-verse with the condition.

Information and understanding of the condition, is key to both the sufferer and care-giver.

If you do know of someone who is suffering, please; take the time and effort to understand what they are going through. Understand what caused the condition for the sufferer, who at most is also confused with their own state.

Help them understand what they are going through. Inspiring words and advice, is pure bull-shit; if you do not understand the condition. Listen to what a sufferer has to say, because at most; they need someone to listen to them and to emphasize with what they are going through.

Depression is painful and at times only a sufferer can truly understand what the pain is like. But for those of you who (fortunately) do not have to suffer as we do; take the time to understand, research and make it a point to be concerned with us.

If you are suffering, leave me a comment and I’ll get in touch with you. Currently, I’m looking at various ways of recovery, either than taking medication. And I’ll be happy to share with you.

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