Constant writing even if it’s just computer code

I was meaning to write a few lines of my new book but my brain has decided that it has had enough of thinking and writing. I spent the morning, installing micro-sites for my organisation. It is so much quicker to work via SSH and after a few hours in cyber-space, the command lines have got the better of me. I feel tired and sickly. Yet, it is still writing.

I’ve always enjoyed, to a certain degree, writing code. There’s this attraction to being able to write concise command lines that accomplish all you want to do. Then there is the wonder of writing “pretty code” in programming. Neat and tidy and properly aligned code that just looks so pleasing to the eye.

Gosh, I’m falling asleep at my station. Well, nothing wrong with closing my eyes and allowing the Matrix to take over.

Writing is an adventure, a journey that takes you places; even if it means, you would be writing code no-one else ever gets to see. Yet, the results leave an impression with your readers or users, no matter what.



The most useless key on the board – Caps Lock


It’s unanimous, the most useless key on the any keyboard is the Caps Lock. It’s barely used and it takes up one whole key. Ask yourself, how many times do you actually use the Caps Lock?

So if you are running Mac OS X, then CapSee may be something you would appreciate. It tells you when the Caps Lock is engaged and does it in a visual form.

CapSee is a small utility that lets you see when you bump the caps lock key. Identical to the built-in Mac OS notification bezels, like volume and screen brightness, CapSee presents a bezel whenever you enable caps lock… preventing the accidental caps lock forever!

If this doesn’t really work for you, then why not just physically remove the annoying button altogether?

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Flu, running nose and chasing a Bug in the system.


I’ve caught a bug. I’ve got a running nose and minor flu. And worse still, so has the website I am responsible for. Not often that the webmaster is also stricken with illness in tangem with the server he’s looking after.

So I’m chasing after weird instances within the web-pages. Reverting back to normal some settings and re-editing some of the text.

You win some, you lose some. At least this Bug did not go far before we tracked it down and shut it’s path.

So I need to nurse myself back to functional health and this being a long week, I’ve got my work cut out for me. At least, I have ‘It’ to keep me company. I solved the SMS Delivery Confirmation thing. Apparently, someone already released a little app that provided control over that feature. ‘It’ is doing everything, the way I envision it should be.

My vision is getting blurry and my fingers are going to sleep. Need coffee. Cheers!

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