Article: Sibu voters roar, BN whimpers

They were not against 1Malaysia or the Prime Minister. In fact he was a favorite of Sibuans. It was not the federal government (in general) that they did not favour, the state authority  and specifically its head, Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud. This was a feeling strongly held among voters, both in urban Sibu and rural Sibu.

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Article : A Party is Not Government

Another article of mine where I think the chances of the opposition party winning in the Sibu by-election is slim.

Separation of government and political party is a must, if politics in Malaysia is to mature.

But the idea that BN is government has been a mainstay of every election since the formation of Malaysia. The people are reminded time and time again that BN is government, that Malaysia has no future without a BN government.

Article: A Party is not Government.

Free Malaysia Today Article: Money talks when Sibu votes

Though modern democracy gives the say to the majority, as stated by a prominent politician, in reality only a small number of parliamentarians have a say on how to govern, administer and shepherd close to 27 million Malaysians. The voice of the majority has, in effect, been drowned out by the minority who sit in the Dewan Rakyat and often argue every which way over nothing.

Article: Money Talks When Sibu Votes.

My first commentary concerning an up-coming by-election.

Free Malaysia Today Article: The old war cannon: a tale of love and honour

I commented on the need for our leaders to put civic duty above all other things while in office.

This is a tale I would be honoured to help to write. A tale of love, honour and family wrought by an object forged for war and destruction. A tale for our times, that Malaysians must turn our instruments of conflict into weapons of peace and solidarity.

Full article: The old war cannon: a tale of love and honour.

Article on FreeMalaysiaToday – The Arrogance of hard work

Another one of my articles got published on the news portal. These guys are doing their bit in allowing an avenue for the normal Malaysian to voice their opinions on a larger scale. A scale that is not censored by the government. Well, here’s my take on the governments habit of giving out hand-outs to Malaysians, that have in fact made us rather lazy people : The Arrogance of Hard Work.

FreeMalaysiaToday article : Tell It Like It Is

Another article I’ve contributed to the Free Malaysia Today news portal : Tell It Like It Is has been accepted.

I got tired of hearing, reading and listening to our politicians haggling in parliament and calling each other a variety of animals. Sometimes, it sounds like we elected a zoo into government.

Let’s all be Malaysian instead

An article I wrote got accepted at Free Malaysia Today News portal. It’s a take on the current arguments in parliament over the 1Malaysia slogan. Apparently, our politicians are too busy arguing over petty things then to bother about the bigger issues affecting Malaysia. It has been like that for the pass three years.

Sometimes, politicians should remember where they came from and who put them where they are now.