The Best Wristwatch for A Man – 3 Rules to choose a wristwatch.

Men are such unfortunate beings. We don’t go far when it comes to fashion. How many ways can you fashion a white button down shirt? And how many ways can you wear khaki pants? Or that faded coduroy blazer you got hanging in your ward-robe?

And we can’t wear make-up. Though I’ve seen some metro-sexual friends attempt nail-polish but I just don’t dig that style.

Now, the one accessory that would truly show your status among men is the humble wristwatch. Trust me, a good wristwatch says a lot about you; just ask James Bond. How many times has his wristwatch saved his back? And wristwatches come in several flavors, though you may want to put some thought into it before splashing out serious money for one.

So here I lay down my watch inspired rules to choosing the best wristwatch a man can have (if you don’t agree, shoot me).

Rule 1: Go for function
Watches tell more than just time, they can come with a lot of dials and tell you stuff from dates to temperature, to altitude and tidal cycles. So ask yourself, What would I primarily use my watch for?

Raymond Weil Freelancer Chronograph

A favourite watch to have is a chronograph and almost all watch brands have a version of this form of watch.

A chronograph is basically a stop watch and on some models, you can tell how fast your car is moving by reading the chronograph. Now, chronographs are great watches to have (I have two of these) yet, when would you actually use one? After a while, you’ll realize you have dished out serious money for a function, you only used the first few days of owning your watch. The rest of the time, you’re just looking at your watch to, well, tell time. So buying a chronograph may not be real value for your bucks, unless you fly a small aircraft every other day.

So what do you get, in terms of function?


Seiko Premier Perpectual Calendar

Here’s my suggestion – a perpectual calendar wristwatch. I own two of these watches and boy do I love them. Why? You only have to set the date once and the watch will take care of the rest. And it even count leap years. Most brands carry a version of this type of watch and it makes more sense then buying a chronograph. I currently own the Seiko Premier Perpectual Calendar and its a time-less elegant watch. I purposely went around looking for the above model, it was release in 2007 and is the first model of this kind in the Premier line, making it a collector’s item of sorts.

Rule 2: Go Automatic
Seiko was the culprit that broke the backs of most european wristwatch makers when they introduced quartz technology back in the 1969. Basically, it meant that watches can now run little batteries, making them more realiable and durable. And cheaper to produce. This revolutionized the watch industry and the wristwatch became standard issued apparel (much like underwear). Heck, James Bond wore a Seiko in four movies and I think it was Sean Connery who wore a digital Seiko in Never Say Never Again.

I own several quartz, yet any chance I get; I’ll but automatic. Why? Better resale value. Collectors love automatics and they are willing to pay for it. So if ever you feel like off-loading a watch, automatics will get buyers.

Quartz watches do have resale value but unless you own the following quartz watches, selling them would be hard.

Seiko Holo – only 2000 sold, can fetch USD1000 on eBay

Seiko 7a28 – worn by Lt. Ripley in Alien. Extremely rare.
This one sold for USD410

So in short, buy automatic. They sell well and you can pass it down to your grand-children.

Rule 3 : Buy metal bracelet and leather
Wristwatches come in metal bracelets and leather bands. Have both. Why? A metal bracelet watch can be your ever-day watch. A leather band is for those moments you need a subtle touch, like going for a dinner or meeting.

Switching watches around can be fun and it shows off your character as someone who’s not monotonous.

There you have it, three (3) rules you can apply to choosing a wristwatch. I did not mention brand nor size (wristwatch normally come in 3 sizes) or shape. These factors are very subjective and really depends on individual taste.

If you have any more rules we all can apply to buying a wristwatch (especially for men) do drop me a comment.

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A geek on Geek Fashion – it’s not hard to figure out especially for a Geek.


It’s ok to be a geek but you don’t have to dress like a dork. Come on, geeks rule the world and if ever mankind drive themselves to extinction, machines (which the geeks have programmed) would rule.

I know geeks live above the super-ciality of fashion to pursue a life that honor all things interllectual but it doesn’t mean we can’t look good while being supersmart.

I’ve been accused of being so fashion-unfriendly, it’s a nominee for The Darwin Awards. So after years of bearing the injustice of being physically compared to fashion-inert-lower level thinking beings, I decided to do what all geeks do best, when faced with a problem – research.

Learn something from the Bruce Lee’s – Tao of Gung Fu; (1) Learn the rules, (2) Apply the rules and (3) Break the rules.

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Shopping Therapy – Buying a leather jacket to beat depression.


Ok, I don’t look like Wolverine but don’t you just love leather jackets. Don’t you just love leather?

I was feeling really pissed the other night, someone ticked me off and it caused turbulence in my rather calm mind at that time. I hate it when people screw up your almost peaceful day by being plain rude and disrespectful. So taking a page from a friend, “Shopping therapy always works.” (The ladies have always known this since the beginning of time.) I went out and bought myself a jacket – leather and all.

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Fashion tips for the Geeks.

Besides the fact I am a writer, I’m also a geek.

I work in the IT industry and (until recently) fashion was the furthest on my mind. But dressing up and looking good raises your self-esteem and that helps when you are dealing with depression.

Googling didn’t help much because there’s so much information and mostly meant to turn you into a superstar. So it was a relief that I found this article on Lifehacker and following the link to Stepcase Lifehack, I’ve discovered that there is still hope for us unfashionable-geeks.

So, geeks…lets dress up because geeks rule the world. Just ask Bill Gates.

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