About Maclean Patrick

I’m Maclean Patrick – a struggling Malaysian writer, trying to make ends meet by writing books in English in my spare time. Though the market is small in Malaysia and support for local writers is close to minimal, especially for English titled books but I am willing to take a swing at it.

I started this blog to help me vent my frustration and thoughts on writing. I am not an expert and have never taken a writing workshop or joined a writing course in university, so please shoot me nicely if you think my ideas on writing is close to stupidity. Most of these thoughts were birth from my experience in writing my first book and gleamed from reading what other writer’s experiences.

I am a contributor to Free Malaysia Today and write about politics at the Malaysian Sentinel blog. As writers we see situations that invoke a sense of social justice and the stories need to be told but via another medium from mainstream book writing.

You can also find me on Face Book at: http://www.facebook.com/macleanpatrick.

Young Writer’s Project
I started a project called the Young Writer’s Project where I have thrown a challenge to young aspiring writers to submit me their writings. I would edit them and send the edited version back to them and post their writings on this blog. The idea for this project came about after a meeting I had with 10 English students in Kuantan, Pahang – Malaysia on the 31st of March 2010. I was struck by their passion to better their English and also to take on writing.

Thus, I threw them a challenge to start writing and I will do my part to have their writings published on my blog. There is no better teacher than to actually start writing itself. This challenge is now an open challenge to all aspiring Malaysian writers. I am always willing to help where I possibly can.

Feel free to leave comments and let’s learn from one another. Cheers!

coverjasminesJasmines on the 4th Floor

The Bicycle Book Cover

The Bicycle


13 Responses to About Maclean Patrick

  1. sastroasmoro says:

    Maclean Patrick, what can I call you? Mac ? or Patrick
    My name is Erik Prabowo from INdonesia, you can call me Erik.

    I really honor your achievement writing a novel. I still on work with my novel, but English for the main language for my novel? Wow….perhaps someday, my English writing is very very bad. But I loved to share something about writing with you. I hope next month I will try to sent my draft of novel to major publisher in Indonesia. (we don’t need literary agent, you can see it in my post in me web…but I really think that Indonesia have to learn from UK or USA about literary agent.

  2. Hi says:

    Hi Maclean Patrick, Can you please contact me via the email I left? I think someone plagiarized you and I need to discuss this with you privately but i could not find your email address. Thanks

  3. Maclean,

    If you want to add Facebook or email sharing buttons to your blog posts, there’s a plugin that does it for you: http://tinyurl.com/sharebuttons

    Hope you find it helpful!


  4. Habibah Mokhtar says:

    hye Maclean..

    My name is Habibah and im studying in USM Pulau Pinang, taking TeSOL.i have never read your book but i’m quite interesting to check on it because in my course, we are required to interview a malaysian author that write an English book. Actually where are you stay right now because if u r willing, my coursemates-Zara,Ann and i want to interview you according to your novel “Jasmine on the 4th floor”. We are very honour if you agree and will try to find your book and read it before we meet. I really hope that you can make it.Any further information, you can contact me trough my mail- bj_lp05@yahoo.com

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you and Good Luck!!!

  5. Nur Baker says:

    Keep on writing, It’s worth the effort. I love writing too. I’m trying to write an english novel too. Like you said, writers unveil people’s thoughts, inspirations, sorrows, dreams.. everything.. to let others enjoy the whole story that have been unfolded before their very eyes.

  6. Angie says:

    Hi Patrick,

    My name is Angie, I was just wondering if you are interested in writing a True, True Love Story? This love story was a beautiful but end up to be a very sad story. Very touching! If you are interested please contact me by email. I am looking an Author to write this true story and want to publish it too.

  7. jannah says:

    ell0w there..
    i’ve read 0ne 0f y0ur n0vel ; the bicycle..
    f0r me, the st0ry was awes0me and i really enj0yed reading it..
    keep up the g00d w0rk..

  8. marcodante says:

    Maclean, Thanks for stopping by and for the link. I have added your link to my site as well.

  9. Hi Patrick! Nice to find you out here. I am an aspiring writer from Romania (Eastern Europe) and because in my country there is a similar climate for writers I decided to write in English also. Nice job so far with your blog and books! Hope we’ll keep in touch!

  10. suze de run says:

    hi mac…
    love all of ur writing…

  11. You ought to find a quiet place where you can shout out loud so no one is subjected to your pathetic expression of self. The joys of writing and of having a blog is only savoured when you are able to combine the insults people hurl at you when you deserve it and balance it with the dribble those who know you are compelled out of sympathy to express as if they are total strangers bewilder by your writing skills which you simply don’t have.

    But then again by confessing to being a contributor to those trashy “political” blogs you contribute towards you deserve no sympathy because you are going nowhere. Nowhere. Go get a job. A real job.

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  13. Ereen Nurtiara says:

    Dear Mr Patrick, I just finished reading the bicycle two months ago and it was a great novel! I really enjoyed it. Your story was detailed and I can even feel it.

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