The Road to Suicide

Suicide is never going to be an easy topic to approach and often times it is muddled by religious sentiments casting a shadow over the life-self-taken. It is harder to comprehend when the life-self-taken is young and seemingly still full of years.

The person who chooses to take his/her own life follows a pattern that can be tracked and monitored. Only if people are aware and watchful for the signs.

  1. Frustration at situations around them or situations out of their control,
  2. Depressive mood,
  3. Clear intent of suicide – they actually tell someone; what they want to do,
  4. Reaching out for attention.

Suicidal tendencies can affect anyone at anytime. It is not a disease of the insane; in fact it is an affliction of the sane. A bright mind unable to cope with the harsh reality of life. A bright mind that could have been helped only if those around him/her stop to listen.

p/s There was a suicide in my organization and I took a peek at the person’s last few blog entries. Depression and frustration were evident, the person wanted to be heard.


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