A (web)site of my own.

I’ve been putting it off for ages and today I finally came round to doing it. I purchased my own domain name – http://www.macleanpatrick.com. I’m a webmaster by profession and I manage close to 67 micro-sites for the local university and I never came round to purchasing my own domain name.

I’m pleasantly surprised my name is even available. Though I’m also happy that www.maclean.com is also a tech-guy himself.

I’ve purchased a hosting plan and will be porting over the contents from this website over to the new site. I’ll be setting up some form of monetary plan to help pay for the site but it won’t involve any purchases on your part. It’ll probably be some ads on the bottom or right-hand menu columns.

I will keep you guys posted on the progress and when to start updating the bookmarks. I don’t think WordPress allows redirections.



2 Responses to A (web)site of my own.

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  2. Laurie says:

    Actually, that’s exactly what l did myself. I’ve got google adsense going, and am using google analytics/webmaster. l’m glad to see you’re doing it, though; theres a certain sense of – professionalism that comes along when your site is official, isn’t there? šŸ˜›
    Good luck!
    mines http://www.poeticdistaste.com, although it doesn’t look like much yet.

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