A day without my iPhone.

I left my iPhone at home and I’m not missing it. Instead, I welcome this sense of not being connected to the world for a day. I’m not jittery about the thought of missing calls or text  messages. A day of not hearing from me would not kill any-body. In fact, I know all the people who would contact me and most would do that after work, when I am at home flipping through the television channels.

I blogged about the day when I did not have email for half a day at work and I did not miss it. Now, I want to go 8 hours without my iPhone and (frankly speaking) I am really not missing it.

So if  you ever feel the need to have some time off for yourself, just leave your hand-phone at home and go about your life. A moment of dis-connection would do you wonders. It lets us focus on ourselves for a few hours, giving us that space we need to breathe and know that in life; not texting or calling people, would do us no harm.


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