There are days I get myself caught in a rut. And it is not a pleasant feeling. I don’t bounce back like I use to, it just takes time for me to pick up momentum again. But as I get older, my views of life has changed and there are days I question why I am in the rut in the first place. At times, I rather be in the rut than anywhere else.

I could be there because someone decided that it was the best place for me, because I did not perform well, because I did not conform to what people believe I should be like, or simply because I don’t talk back. It is when I am in the rut, I am in most need of gentleness.

Gentleness is a lost art nowadays. We live in a world that’s full of “get-up” slogans. The kind you hear self-help gurus say all the time. Some-how I think self-help books have diluted the whole fact that people do suffer and suffering should not be trivialized into slogans. A measure of pain may be needed in order for one to build up strength and in these cases gentleness is much needed.

Gentleness on the part of the one attempting to sooth the one suffering. Not add to the suffering. And let me say, that soothing does not mean quoting something one read in a self-help book. Rather, soothing comes from a gentle heart, a gentle spirit and gentle soul. To sooth another is a heart-felt exercise and not one swamped with many words.

Gentleness. It’s something this world lacks yet is most needed in today’s time of stress and distress.


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