Half a day without email.

For half of today, I did not have email. The gods were smiling at me this morning when I came into the office and found out my PC had crashed the night before. Everything else ran well except my email client. It just would not boot up. A reinstall was required but I was in not hurry. I told the technician to reinstall the client but did not push it and allowed him to take his time.

I did not panic. I did not fret. Neither was I nervous over the fact that no-one could contact me via email. It did not bother me the least bit.

My euphoric joy lasted half a day when the technician came round to my office at 2pm and re-installed my email client. And it was back to my life of details.

Maybe I’ll purposely leave my iPhone  at home one of these days. Just leave it and go fishing or backpacking in another state or out shopping.

I think it is a fallacy to think that solitude is a bad thing. There are times, being on our own is the best cure. In a world where “status-updates” are the norm, it’ll be good to have some private time. Would my Twitter followers or Face Book spectators be bothered if I did not post my status for one day, let alone for a month? It probably make no difference in their lives. Would it make any difference if I stop blogging for a month or take a vow of silence for a year?

In today’s mad rush to keep everyone inform or in touch, we miss out on the beauty of silence. The private moment when you listen to what’s stirring within you and acknowledge your sense of self. At times, we need to run away from all things in order to find ourselves.


One Response to Half a day without email.

  1. janelwalls says:

    I completely agree with this. I’m a housewife, and live out of the nearest town’s limits by several miles. It’s very nice out here, away from everyone. The only obstical I have to being truely happy out here is my in-laws who live about fifty feet away. Other than that, we’re not bothered at all. There is two acres of actual woods right behind us, and if you’re lucky, you can look out the back door and see deer, hawks and other such types of wildlife. My main outlet to the outside world is the internet, and I’ve learned to use it sparingly, giving myself only an hour or two a day with it, at most. I don’t honestly think I could live in the hectic world that mankind has created about them very well, and I’m sure I could not be very happy with it.

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