When Apple Moves, the World Watches – iPhone OS 4.0

Image from Lifehacker.com: iPhone 4.0 – The Best New Features.

In short this is what you will get on your iPhone 3GS and iTouch 3Gs when you upgrade to OS 4.0:

  • multitasking
  • fast app switching
  • local notifications
  • app folder
  • a new mail app
  • ibooks
  • custom backgrounds
  • game center
  • iAd advertising
  • 5x digital zoom
  • bluetooth keyboard support

For the breakdown read Gizmodo’s dedicated iPhone 4.0 page and Lifehacker’s article.

This means I will now have to scout around for a used iPhone 3GS, to fully enjoy all that OS 4.0 can offer but do I really want to? My iPhone 2G is serving me well and I’m happy with the way things are working our for me now. So do I need another gadget to add to the mix? I not sure I want to but if there is anyone who has a 3GS lying around (and you are not using it) then I am most happy to receive it.

Another thing that is good with this upgrade is that the other phone manufacturers will now have to up their products to match what Apple has to offer. Truly, the iPhone was the phone that changed the market. It opened up the market for touch-screen phones that double as PDAs and mini-computers. The other phone manufacturers have been playing catch-up ever-since and expect things to up a notch with this upgrade to the iPhone OS.

I expect Nokia to improve on their Symbian OS and push their product developments. The rest will follow suit. In short, when Apple moves, the world watches and adjust itself accordingly. Apple is bold in their product development and by (finally) providing multi-tasking on their iPhones, I see faster and bigger capacity iPhones in the near future.

It’s really a great time to get an iPhone. Cheers!


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