To answer with Joy – questions on relationship.

Joy asked me to answer the following questions and I’ve thought it would be good to share my answers with you guys and with Joy on my blog. These questions are about relationships and I’m being really honest with my answers.

What are the important qualities, you desire in a partner?
In a partner, I desire that they have a clear sense of self. They are sure of themselves and unafraid to be who they are.

They are driven, intelligent, articulated yet they are unafraid to be sensitive and vulnerable. They are able to see the bigger picture of things, yet pay attention to the smaller things. Emphatic and graceful. Unafraid to take on a guy yet beautifully feminine at the same time.

I like someone who is willing to seek out new experiences in life, to live out life on the edge. To travel and see new places with me.

I like someone who can laugh at themselves. Not too take things nor themselves too seriously.

Why are those things important to you?
I like having a conversation and people with great conversational skills are always a blessing to have around. I like to share my thought with my partner, to have a safe spot in life where I know I am heard. As a human being, it’s important that I feel like I am heard because it means we are appreciated and acknowledge.

I want to enjoy life with my partner. I want to be able to go places and take crazy adventures with them and to laugh a lot, cry a bit and ponder what life can throw at us as we venture into the world.

It’s important to me that we can argue in the morning but by noon we come together regardless of who was right or wrong; just to celebrate the fact we have each other and that love is stronger than any argument.

List a number of reservations you have, when it comes to long distance relationships; in other words, what are your fears?
In a long distant relationship, I fear that the other person takes me for granted. That I am forgotten because I cannot be there with them. It is painful when someone stops loving you because you cannot be “there” with them. Is that a big enough reason to break someone’s heart?

If somebody wrote a list of things about you that fits theirs needs as a partner, what would that be?
A high-tolerable-nice guy with a mean ass alter-ego. To those that I love, I am fearlessly dependable, overly-loving and brutally nice; but break my trust or hurt me bad and I can turn nasty. I guess, there’s no two ways with me but I can be very tolerable towards those I love. And extremely forgiving to those who hold my heart.

What do you most enjoy in life?
The simple things in life.

I like reading a book, quiet conversations, long lazy walks, solitude with a love one, warm cuddles at sun-set, looking into the eyes of someone I love and telling them how much my world is captured in their gaze. Moments. I enjoy sweet moments with people. It doesn’t take much to make me happy.

What do you most appreciate about yourself?
My ability to bounce back from failure. There is an internal strength that I have, a force that kicks in when I am at my most lowest. It tells me to keep going on and to strive even if the odds are totally against me.

I appreciate my ability to stand on my own. To fight alone, if needed, and to keep walking the paths I have chosen. It’s an almost fearless attitude, to fight hard, to not fear death nor failure and to turn every little moment into a point of victory.

I appreciate the fact, that I am who I am and I am not afraid to be myself. I don’t conform to the norm, choosing instead to form my own identity.

I appreciate the fact that I am a thinker. I form my own opinions about a given topic and even if the conclusion may seem wrong, I am happy because I still was able to form an opinion and made it my own unique view of the world.

There you have it. I am so tempted to keep changing it, but that’s the editor in me screaming. So I’ll leave it as it is because the first thoughts of my head are normally the most honest replies I have.



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