I’ll wait until the iPad 3GS is on sale

Would I buy the iPad, just days after it’s official launch? NOPE.

I’ll wait until it hits, iPad 3GS; then I’ll fork out the cash to buy it, because by then the application would have matured and all the apps would run swell on it. And maybe there would be flash support and a web-cam thrown into the package. And once jailbroken, I can run OpenSSH with it and update my web-server via command line. Wouldn’t that be great?

With all things Apple, they get better with the latest incarnation. So buying the first generation of any Apple product is for collectors. Yup, collectors of gadgets. The serious users will pile in by the 2nd or 3rd revision of the product. So hold on to your cash and wait until the geeks all agree that the iPad is really worth buying. Heck, the iPad 3GS may even be cheaper than the recently released iPad.

At least these guys agree with me : Why You Shouldn’t Buy an iPad (Yet).


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