Command Line Prompt – reality is too painful, fantasy is welcomed.


Somehow, I felt totally at home within the system. A world of codes and syntax. Completely at home, in an element I’ve not dwelt in for the longest time. And in some ways, it was more welcoming than reality. Safer than the real world.

We all seen the movie Matrix, where it’s citizens could plug into the system and experience a created reality, a world created within their minds. Plug, and unplug. It is a world, where the imagination is the only boundary.

Is this virtual-reality any different than fantasy? What if all we encounter in this world, is merely a fantasy? A fantasy from which, we all are waiting to wake up from. A fantasy, which is real enough that it wants to cross over into reality, yet we stop it and thus, put to death all hopes of living life the way we want to.

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