Back to my life of details…

I am in familiar grounds, the Low Cost Terminal of KLIA; I’m at the airport waiting for the plane to arrive. Tomorrow, I’ll be arriving at work and trying hard to get back into the groove of things.

“My life of details,” that’s how Francesca from the movie Bridges of Madison County describes it. Yes, a life of details.

I’ve met new people, swam at Teluk Cempedak (some Kuantanites don’t seem to have experience that) and talked about my passion to more than 100 people. Cool stuff, and now I’ve to go back to websites and report-writing. And planning a training course for the third week of April.

Details. Sometimes we get bogged down under all the details we think are important for living life and miss out on so much.

We miss out on eating nasi-lemak at the river-side, flying a kite at the beach or getting a sun-burn, or chasing monkeys at a park. We miss out on the quirks life can serve us. Instead, we slave through a life full of details; in order to gain the trappings of life we think are important.

Sometimes, I want to wish away a life of details and welcome days of chaotic-disorganized-fun.


2 Responses to Back to my life of details…

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