Meeting young writers and a new project idea.

I had the privilege of meeting ten (10) young writers last night and to share with them about writing. It’s so up-lifting to know that in Malaysia, there are young people who are willing to hone the craft of writing and be writers in their own league.

And after the gathering, it dawned upon me that this was an opportunity not to be missed, so I came up with an idea to start a little project with these young writers.

I’ve yet to come up with a name for this project but it will involve them writing shorts stories or articles or whatever they plan to write and having the material published on this blog.

I hope to get this started and take it wherever it wants to go.

For now, I’ve to prepare for a talk to about 100 school students about writing.



One Response to Meeting young writers and a new project idea.

  1. Sma Al-iHsaN says:

    TQ foR coming To my School yesterday…
    i HAve lot fun being teach by you….
    toDAy i just Bought 3 novel in ENglish….(hehe)
    i hoPe that you Third book will PUblishe sooner….
    i cannot wait for that book….
    anyways PLease come To our school next time…

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