Jailbreaking the iPad – it’s possible says hacker.


When I finally am able to buy an iPad, then jailbreaking would be the first thing I do to it.

For newbies, “jailbreaking” refers to act of unlocking the iPhone from it’s restrictions. Allowing the iPhone to run on various carriers and also to run unauthorized software – say themes and stuff. So jailbreaking is in fact a step forward in customizing your iPhone to run whatever you want.

George Hotz, known as the guy who first unlock the iPhone, believes it can be done to the iPad.

It’s plausible to believe that an iPhone OS jailbreak will also work for the iPad. While the iPad will support apps that are exclusive to the device, its OS shares the same DNA as the iPhone’s.

Read More http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2010/03/jailbreak-iphone-ipad/#ixzz0jWPzgbck

I’m not sure when the iPad would reach Malaysia, but I reckon that if the jailbreak works with the iPad, we would see it here sooner than the official launch dates, as what happened with the 2G iPhone.

The iPad is slated for launch next week in America, so it would be no surprise to see it here late April or early May.

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