Twitter and Facebook can actually make you more productive.


Employers don’t really like Facebook and Twitter, so before they decide to ban these two social networking apps into the abyss for wasting your time hence pulling productivity down, tell them that studies have shown a different picture.

But for knowledge workers charged with transforming ideas into products – whether gadgets, code, or even Wired articles – goofing off isn’t the enemy. In fact, regularly stepping back from the project at hand can be essential to success. And social networks are particularly well suited to stoking the creative mind.

How Twitter and Facebook Make Us More Productive []

This doesn’t mean you Tweet every other minute or post everystep you take on your Facebook profile. The key-word is “regularly stepping back” which implies that you take short rest-bites while working on your project or task.

Breaking your train of thought can introduce new ideas, ideas you may not have been able to see before, into your task and this is what jump-starts the creative process.

So, having a Facebook or Twitter account doesn’t make you the devil’s advocate for slacking off work, it may just make you the star employee of the month for creativity.

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