Yes, I’m Lonely. But that’s Life.

Yes, I’m lonely. And it strikes me during the quiet moments when I am no longer busy with work. When I finally have time to myself. I’m lonely and it’s never easy. A chill goes through me and as I look around for friends, whether on Facebook or via a text message; I realize there’s no-one replying.

I’m utterly alone. What then is the role of friends who are only there when you are needed or when times are good? Where are my friends when I now grapple with this hollow feeling?

It is said that loneliness is what drives suicide. I tend to agree, for when a human being finds that they are of no use to anyone, that they are insignificant to the point of forgotten; then death seems inviting.

I’ve heard people say that I’ve ostricised myself from the general group. True, I may have moved in such manner, but where are those whom seek me out? They too have disappeared. So blame is on me for not touching base with those around me, but have it been considered that one should also reach out to me; no matter how much I shut myself away?

So here’s the tug-of-war. Who moves first?

Yes, I’m lonely. But that’s life and everyone feels it. Yet, for me; I can safely say that at one point I meant something to a group of people or to various individuals and when the need was met, I am of no significance.

And that is the measure of friendship in the real world.

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One Response to Yes, I’m Lonely. But that’s Life.

  1. emrysfashran says:

    Yea, i know what you mean. Am a lonely soul too. Ive tried to explain to my friends. They cant simply understand as to why i feel lonely even among friends. Easy for them to say, they have found their significant others. Previously, am not so lonely, but as my parent passed away, my siblings busy with their own families, friends settled down.. i just cant take it anymore. The onky thjng stopping me from suicide is the hope to find that someone which is dimmer everyday..

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