Life and my iPhone ‘It’.


My current theme for my iPhone is the Crazybots theme. It supports many of the main apps and just look so darn cute. Gives my iPhone a personality, little men working in a confine space. Sounds like my office.

I’m actually taking up a challenge to cleanup my Homescreen as mentioned; interesting way to take up my time when I sit and stare at my iPhone. There’s just something alluring about an iPhone. Mystical even.

My brother was right, when he told me, “Once you get an iPhone, you’ll never look at another phone.” To date, I own a pre-own 2G iPhone (which I jailbreak every time a new upgrade coms along), my brother owns a 3G iPhone and my mother has 3GS iPhone.

I go everywhere with my iPhone. Primarily, it has become more than just a phone but a loyal companion when there were none to have. And where WIFI is available, FaceBook is not that far away. Plug in my earphones and I can go through the 1007 songs currently in my memory.

If I need to capture a thought, I type it out on Notes. I’ve yet to find another app that would replace Notes, so I’m sticking with it for the mean time.

I use to text a lot on my iPhone, but lately friends are too busy with their lives to check up on me. And I’ve grown weary to text them. Isn’t it annoying when you compose a text message, to fit in the 170 characters per text message, and you get a reply like, “Ok” or “haha” or “aite” or worse still, “:)”. I know texting is cheap but at least don’t cheapen the conversation.

So much of my life is centered around that little chunk of metal called the iPhone. Maybe I should give it a name, Fred or Jim or maybe it’s a Matt. Or simply, It.

Like, “Hello, meet my iPhone. It’s name is It. We go everywhere together. It is my best friend.”

I have a love-hate relationship with It. Through It, I heard the words that put a smile on my face, words that broke my heart, words that made me cry and in most cases, I heard the voice of silence; the voice of someone who doesn’t want to talk to you anymore.

It has delivered all those things without a hint of remorse. Guiltless. Devoid of emotions. It delivers news objectively and just as it is. It says what it means and means what it says.

So I’m gazing at It now. Downloading another theme for my SMS app. It likes to try out new outfits, keeps me guessing what things would look like. Even iPhones want to look in-fashion.

There was period when I had the notion that personal technology would make us anti-social. It would alienate us and drive us in self-imposed isolation. A conversation would be reduced into mere words on a text message and instead of engaging in verbal communication abit face-to-face; we would talk on the phone. That notion is real and here to stay.

How lonely have you been, when for just a day; there was no text message notification on your phone? How lonely have you been when you could not check on your FaceBook status? Or read the latest Tweet?

My iPhone, It, is not just an instrument of communication. It is an extention of who I am and it’s here to stay. At times, it has been the only companion I had to brave the path I chose in life. You may call me a sad case, but that’s the truth.

When I struck a speed-bump in life and stuck myself in the rut, I still have It.

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