Shopping Therapy – Buying a leather jacket to beat depression.


Ok, I don’t look like Wolverine but don’t you just love leather jackets. Don’t you just love leather?

I was feeling really pissed the other night, someone ticked me off and it caused turbulence in my rather calm mind at that time. I hate it when people screw up your almost peaceful day by being plain rude and disrespectful. So taking a page from a friend, “Shopping therapy always works.” (The ladies have always known this since the beginning of time.) I went out and bought myself a jacket – leather and all.

Blew my budget for the whole month but I felt good. And feeling good is ALWAYS good for you.

I own a lot of jackets and contrary to my own personal quest to simplify my life and wardrobe, I still went ahead with the purchase. It’s a size bigger than my frame, but as long as the sleeves and shoulders match up, the length is not an issue.

Most importantly, this jacket makes me feel like me. This is me, as I am. There are times you need a symbol to remind yourself that you are you.

For me its a jacket and quirky glasses, which I match with my office wear (I wear the leather jacket to work) or in your case, it could be that funny bright colored bracelet that doesn’t match anything in your wardrobe yet you still wear it.

It shows the world, you are you. A sense of being is always good and whatever that reminds you of your uniqueness is always going to help you on the road to finding yourself and helping you boost your self-esteem.

Talking about jackets, I just remember I have a vintage Adidas jacket, in my wardrobe. The one that makes me feel like a race-car driver. Bright yellow with green stripes and the old Adidas logo that looks like weed. Yup, that’s in my wardrobe along with a NATO issued all weather combat jacket, an army green jacket with hoody, Levi’s denim jacket and a dark blue corduroy blazer/jacket.

Yup, jackets are great for beating down depression. Makes you feel good and gives you that new-ness feel.

Jackets are my kryptonite, what about yours?

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2 Responses to Shopping Therapy – Buying a leather jacket to beat depression.

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