A geek on Geek Fashion – it’s not hard to figure out especially for a Geek.


It’s ok to be a geek but you don’t have to dress like a dork. Come on, geeks rule the world and if ever mankind drive themselves to extinction, machines (which the geeks have programmed) would rule.

I know geeks live above the super-ciality of fashion to pursue a life that honor all things interllectual but it doesn’t mean we can’t look good while being supersmart.

I’ve been accused of being so fashion-unfriendly, it’s a nominee for The Darwin Awards. So after years of bearing the injustice of being physically compared to fashion-inert-lower level thinking beings, I decided to do what all geeks do best, when faced with a problem – research.

Learn something from the Bruce Lee’s – Tao of Gung Fu; (1) Learn the rules, (2) Apply the rules and (3) Break the rules.

Take a page from Steve Jobs. Super cool geek yet he looks good in a black turtle neck, faded jeans and sneakers.


Throw in a nice jacket and presto – out to club wear. Change the jeans to khakis and black leather shoes and presto – office wear. Khakis, black leather shoes, jacket and collared white shirt and presto – meeting ware.

Note for all geeks, glasses are super cool. Ask Johnny Depp.


I once thought that in order to look good, you ditch the glasses for contact lens. That was until I ended up with a scarred cornea due to wearing contact lens to sleep. I’ve recovered and still wear contact lenses (soft daily ones) yet I wear my glasses more. Only this time, I’ve selected the shape and size of my glasses to match my face. Thanks to Johnny Depp for teaching me that glasses are cool. And no-one should fault you for wearing them.

And if you are a t-shirts and jeans guy like me, wear a size smaller and get some tattoos…ok you may not want the tattoos but work-out. There’s nothing wrong in looking tone under that t-shirt, come-on; women dig the brawn and brains. And geeks are poise to have the best of brains and brawn and throw in a tattoo or two.

I’ve a few items that make me who I am, in terms of my own personal fashion.

  1. Designer printed t-shirts. I’ve a collection of t-shirts by an artist based in Malacca. He only sells them in Malacca and I’ve more than 10 of them in my ward-robe. You can’t get them anywhere else and the chances of me meeting anyone else with another t-shirt like the ones I’ve bought are minimal.
  2. Levi’s 501s. These are classic Levi’s. If you ever want a pair of jeans, these are the ones to get. Mine’s torn and I’ve had them since my college days, yet I still wear them till today. No other jeans, I’ve own give me that feel like my trusty 501s.
  3. Converse Sneakers. Own at least a pair of these sneakers. Mine are black leather high cut sneakers modelled after the ones Will Smith wore in the movie i Robot.
  4. A dress watch. Digital watches are a staple for geeks, but break the rules. Wear a good dress watch instead. I collect vintage SEIKO watches and my current watch is a 2007 SEIKO Premier Perpectual Calendar watch. These watches are driven by hand-movement and have a power reserve up to 4 years. Worth every penny I foot out for them.
  5. Jackets. I own several jackets. Each one for a specific function. For the formal and informal gatherings. And since I am in the IT department, I wear my informal jackets when I don’t have to attend meetings or meet people on that day.
  6. Plain White Collar shirt. If you don’t have one, go out and get several. Plain white collar shirts goes with any thing. Trust me. You can wear them with jeans or khakis. Dressed up or dressed down. Heck, you can get your girlfriend to wear it and it looks uber-hot on her.
  7. Tattoos. Ok, Ok..I’ve got a script written in Tengwar (Elvish) on my right inner arm. I’ve some ink on my back in Chinese. How geeky is that?

You don’t have to spend much to look fashionable. I shop at thrift shops or second hand stores for everyday wear. If I want to splash serious money for new items, I shop for novelty or vintage items. I love stuff that has a history to it so that when people ask me what I’m wearing, I can tell them the history of it.

Being in the know is the hallmark of being a geek.

See, I’m a geek and a geek is always a geek. We know stuff and love telling people about stuff. Fashion is not something hard for a geek to figure out so go out there and be the best looking geek around.


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