Dos and Don’ts of Digital Etiquette

I was reading around and came across this article on Digital Etiqutte. I do find it annoying when we’re having a conversation and the person across the table from us is actually texting someone. And I’m at fault here too, because I do tend to reply text messages regardless of the setting; but I prioritise my replies (which means, it depends on who’s texting me).

I wouldn’t feel comfortable texting a friend while I’m in a meeting with my boss. But I often sit at dinner with friends, chatting in person while simultaneously engaging with distant friends in a digital context. Depending on the age group I’m with, that can be considered perfectly acceptable.

Source: Bilton on ABC: Dos and Don’ts of Digital Etiquette [NYT]

Don’t you find it annoying when people are not fully focus on you?

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