I update Twitter using TweetDeck

I was slow to take to Twitter until a dear friend twisted my arm and told me how “uncool” it was for me not to be on Twitter. Heck, I wasn’t even big on FaceBook but then the same argument was used on me in that one too.

Anyway, I took to FaceBook and Twitter and have been using TweekDeck to help me manage the organised chaos all those status posts create.


I have TweekDeck installed on my iBook and also my office PC and it does what it is suppose to do. I treat Twitter as a public chat box when I need to chat with a friend. I bet people are following me because they just want to read all the nonsense my friend and I twit about.

I like the interface a lot. It’s simple and you are alerted if a new status is posted on either Twitter or FaceBook. The good thing is, you can update you status for Twitter and FaceBook; all from this one interface, without the need to log into the mentioned websites. This feature where I can update incognito has saved me countless times from encounters with my online stalker (that’s a story for another time).

Give it a try. It’s available for Mac OSX,Windows and LINUX.

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