What would I use the iPad for?

Seriously, I can’t wait to get my hands on an iPad. Why?

I’ve purchased iPods, iMac, iBook and iPhone; why not get myself an iPad. Add that to my list of all things Apple lying around on my desk.

For the moment I saw the Steve Jobs’ keynote presentation at the unveiling of the iPad, I have had day-dreams of wiping it out during a meeting or typing away on my next novel on it or updating my blog at StarBucks, etc,etc. The point of total geek coolness, is having this gorgeous piece of hardware on your lap and you are surfing the internet. Best web-surfing experience, they said…

But that’s as far as it will go. Because seriously, what would you use the iPad for?

Sit back and think, what can the iPad do that a normal MacBook cannot do?

Best web-surfing experience. I think; not. There’s no Flash support. And as to typing out my novel on it? Well, I’ve only got the in built Notes to work on and a virtual keyboard that may or may not perform up to par.

There’s no camera. What??? No, camera. No, static camera and no video camera. So I can’t do video-calls on Skype; which would have be a GREAT plus point.

So, what can I do with an iPad?

It’s a mere, over-sized iPhone. And anything the iPhone can do the iPad can do too; except make phone-calls. And just like the iPhone, there is no multi-tasking on the iPad. Why?Why?Why? Why could they not put Mac OSX onto the iPad and provide multitasking?

So, what can I do with an iPad?

Watch the keynote presentation by Steve Jobs at the launching and you’ll see the main use of an iPad, if ever I buy one – as a presentation gizmo.

Yup, so I hope they can get Microsoft Office to run on the iPad, then it will be really useful.


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6 Responses to What would I use the iPad for?

  1. zynga poker says:

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  2. I love What would I use the iPad for? Maclean Patrick – A Malaysian Writer Speaks.

  3. mobiledepot says:

    nice and very informative writeup keep it up.

  4. Apple has once again built an amazing product that looks good and feels great in the hand with a familiar user interface, borrowed from the iPod touch and the iPhone, it is perfectly suited to the bigger screen. My 1st impressions of the iPad are largely positive, the iPad whizzes along, you can open applications, resizing web pages, and zooming in and out of maps almost instantaneously. I´m still waiting to test more, but the first tests are amazing. Regards, Otelia Kolberg

  5. Shirley Gan says:

    I read a review on the apple iPad in Malaysia and I found it rather impressive. Although important features are not yet included, I’m sure they will be in future. Where can I get a live demonstration in KL ?

    • Maclean Patrick says:

      I heard talk that it is already available in Low Yatt. My iPad hands-on was not in KL. I can safely say that it is worth the money but please wait until the official announcement of prices for the Malaysian market before committing anything to buying one. The prices should be out by June of this year.

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