Some days I Just want to be an arse.

It’s one of those days again. The kind where you wish you were radioactive and everyone around you would die from a radiation sickness.

Today I am an arse.

That’s not the writer in me writing nor am I being philosophical about my day. I’m just an arse. Grumpiness, indeed comes with age. Irritability comes with too much sugar and an overly critical mind.

I’ve been called jerk, sick, assh***, freak, get the picture. I’ve given my service to several causes, only to be forgotten. Yup, only when you are needed are you truly remembered.

So I have every right to be an arse. You may argue that one needs to be polite and everything but hey, leave that to the gentlemen and goody-two-shoes out there. I am an arse and really being grumpy and jerky seems to be the latest cool. Just ask Dr.House.

It’s way lot easier being yourself and not having to comform to being someone that is superficial and fake. How many times have we all hidden our true feelings in any given matter? Only to allow it to simmer within us; and given the right conditions, the mother-load of frustrations and repressed anger just explodes at the worse possible moment.

So let me be an arse. Let me be grumpy. Today, is officially Maclean-Patrick-Grumpiness day. And I will exercise my right to be grumpy, just like my right to vote. I will be grumpy and jerky; because I’m human. And I don’t have to be nice for nicety sake.

Some days I just don’t want to be nice.

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