Fashion tips for the Geeks.

Besides the fact I am a writer, I’m also a geek.

I work in the IT industry and (until recently) fashion was the furthest on my mind. But dressing up and looking good raises your self-esteem and that helps when you are dealing with depression.

Googling didn’t help much because there’s so much information and mostly meant to turn you into a superstar. So it was a relief that I found this article on Lifehacker and following the link to Stepcase Lifehack, I’ve discovered that there is still hope for us unfashionable-geeks.

So, geeks…lets dress up because geeks rule the world. Just ask Bill Gates.

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2 Responses to Fashion tips for the Geeks.

  1. I thought that “geek” was the new cool? I mean, aren’t tough boys out of fashion? I’m in the UK so might be completely different in where you are, but I think you’ve got the main point… 🙂

  2. Mary V. says:

    Image is not just for the rich & famous to think about. It totally affects your confidence and attitude, which influences your actions. So glad you got some helpful info!

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