The more you read, the better you write.

As Mary Kennedy, a nationally known expert in student writing and former colleague at SUNY, Cortland said in a recent phone interview, “There is no definitive study that has proven conclusively that student writing has declined although many writing teachers complain that they’ve noticed it.” However, she added that there is increasing evidence that students “don’t read” and that their vocabularies and, as a result, depth of comprehension of texts that have a college-level vocabulary is also declining. The percentage of “proficient readers” in the adult population in this country is at 13%. There is certainly a significant connection with good writing and good reading.

Full Article: Educating for Democracy: Good Writing — The Way It Used to Be?

There is a stark difference between writing done 40 to 50 years ago to those done by students in today’s day and age. And the cause can be directly traced to the lack of reading.

The digital age is killing the literacy age.

We don’t read anymore, instead we take in information via flash and bang.

If you want to be a good writer, then you have to (first) be a great reader. This aspect has been highlighted by Nicholas Sparks when he emphasized that a writer is also a reader of the craft and also of works by other writers.

Writers are most times researcher and reader. I know for one, that Stephen King is a maven of information. Stephen King picks up on little things such as experimental technologies and incorporates them into his books.

Read well and you will write well.

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