Are Writers Normally Reclusive Characters?

It’s a strange thing but most writers seemed reclusive in nature. Shunning the limelight and almost nothing is known of their private lives unless an autobiography is written about. Which seems true, since almost everything we know about them is from what we gleem from published reports.

Is it a condition by nature or brought about due to success of a book?

Or are the writings of writers; windows into a secretive personality? A book is a means for a quiet soul to be heard. An avenue for him/her to scream out their protest against a world that is deaf in its loudness.

I think this reclusive nature is born about the fact that most of our writings are done in the privacy of our thoughts. When writing, our world concaves and pulls inwards. We create a sphere of solitude, where our minds can explore without the ding of everyday sounds. It is a world we feel sheltered and safe in. And if you live in this world long enough, we carry it over to the real world via our quiet, introverted nature.

A recluse to the outside world but a normal citizen in the world of our writings.

I can imagine it, sitting in a room with C.S Lewis, Tolkien, Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Mitch Albom, Rowling, and we are all quiet. Not an awkward silence but rather a confident-silence. A sense of security that I am in the company of my own, and in this silence we speak volumes. We have come to a place of refuge where we can rest from the chatter of the world and rest in the knowledge we don’t have to tell stories to one another.

In a company of silence, it is the quality of the companionship and the strength of presense that shines out.

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