I have depression.

I have depression. And I am a writer. Most writers, it seems, suffer from this condition of the human soul.

Yet, I find members of my tribe; putting forward some of the best in their current condition. Maybe because we are more sensitive to the human condition, or we experience more on a personal level.

I was sad but I found this article and it really helped lift my spirits up this evening.

Another writer died by her own hand, just two days ago. I got the news this morning. I cannot say I knew her — to the best of my knowledge, we never met, or exchanged e-mails, though certainly at one point or another we may have. I did not know her. But she was, nonetheless, my sister, and one of my tribe.

And she fell, as so many in my tribe fall.

Psychologists note that writers suffer from a higher-than-normal incidence of depression, that the same qualities that make us writers tend to make us more sensitive to the ups and downs of daily life. I do not know in how many cases this is true, but I know it’s true for me. I have faced the abyss of self-destruction once, when things were very bad, but managed to walk away. I’ve suffered from serious depression on a couple of other occasions, also from situations and events that were unbearable, and unfixable.

I count myself lucky to have gotten this far. Now that I’m here, though, I intend to stay. Because along the way, I’ve discovered that everything changes, and that no matter how horrible things are, they are not horrible forever. Every moment you’re breathing is an opportunity to change. If not your surroundings, your trials, your sufferings, then yourself.

From someone who has found a way to hang on even when things are terrible, I want to pass on to you what I’ve found. Because my tribe has lost enough voices and enough magic, too soon and needlessly. Don’t let it lose yours.

Full Article: Live to Write Another Day

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One Response to I have depression.

  1. Just B. says:

    I randomly stumbled across your blog and I am so glad I did! I find that the things I write when I am sad or overwhelmed or homesick turn out to be some of my best. I also believe it’s “because we are more sensitive to the human condition, or we experience more on a personal level.” Thank you for posting.

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