Novel Writing Software

I don’t write in Microsoft Office.

Instead, I invested in a novel writing software called Scrivener and it has been the best purchase I have made (in terms of software) if you look at the ROI value of it. Scrivener has a neat feature where you can type in full screen and its a god-sent.

With Panels Open

Total Full Screen Experience

It’s reminiscent of typing using a typewriter. One is not inhibited by form or format, but can concentrate purely on churning out your ideas. Further-more a novel writing software helps organize your chapters and pages into sections that are easy to rearrange, should the need arises.

Scrivener only works on the Apple platform, so if you are working on a Windows platform; I can recommend yWriter5.

The main plus point about yWriter5 is that it is FREE. Yes, you read me right, it is FREE. And you get a lot of bang in this software. yWriter5 doesn’t have a full-screen mode but it makes up with it powerful organisation capabilities. Honestly, a little too much organisation that at times I got turn off by merely trying to find my way in it. But that may just be me. yWriter5 may work for you, so give it a shot.

yWriter5 Main Writing Interface.

There are many novel writing software out there that it would take a long post just to list them out. I am highlighting these two as I find them meeting my needs when it comes to my style of drafting my novels. Do your own experiments and explore the various other novel writing software and find one that works for you. Each writer, I believe, has a way of writing that allows them the greatest freedom to express their thoughts and ideas.

Remember, you may start by imitating how another writer works but eventually you will have to come up with a method that works for you. A method that liberates you to produce the best writing stored within you.

Happy writing!

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6 Responses to Novel Writing Software

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  2. theqotd says:

    Thanks for this review, I hadn’t actually considered writing in anything other than Word but I think I might just give this a try since it looks like it will be much better for me to organise plots and character ideas… thanks again

  3. Now all this time later, do you still like this purchase?

    • Maclean Patrick says:

      Never regretted it. I have written 2 novels with this software and currently have some half written material residing in it.

  4. nazish0151 says:

    I never thought of using anything other than MS Word to write. I will try this. It’s looks better in organizing, thank you.

  5. Novels says:

    Thanks for the information about yWriter5! I am looking into it and will probably purchase that package to help me in my writing endeavors! Thanks again!

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