I was born in 1975

Yesterday was my birthday.

I am not much of a birthday-celebrate-all-you-can type of guy. I prefer a low-key reflective day when it comes to my birthday. I may buy a gift for myself but then, I buy a gift for myself on any other given day.

I received numerous greetings on Face Book and I am grateful for the friends I have. I had greetings sent to me the day before (7th February), the sole aim was to beat the rest to it. I was in fact waiting for greetings from a select few. People, whom are really dear to me. It’s amazing that we wait for a greeting, when it should come freely. Yet, it shows the significance of the person granting us their greeting.

The day passed as with any other day and today is the day after. I go about my work, like any other day and life continues.

Do I feel any different? Or as some sarcastically put it, have you grown any wiser? Makes you wonder if they are implying that all along, you have been making stupid decisions. I don’t reply idiotic statements like that. Instead, I have learnt the art of keeping silent and refusing to involve myself in dumb arguments.

I am half way through the timeline of the average human lifespan. And I have another half to live, if I make it that long.

I was born in 1975. And today is the day after my birthday. I’m still breathing.


One Response to I was born in 1975

  1. norhayati says:

    Hi Patrick!
    Is it too late to wish you Happy Birthday? 🙂 Well, life is what you make the best out of it.
    You are very positive to say u r now ‘half way’through. I bet there is going to be a greater second haf!
    My student Jannah had just introduced yr ‘Bicycle’ to the class.
    She did a power point presentation and I wish to share it in my blog.
    Would you like to see it? I can send to yr email before publishing it.

    l wish you well.

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