Two years brewing, two weeks to write.

There’s a story in my iBook that’s been sitting there for the pass two (2) years. And week, having one of those moments of pure decisiveness, I’ve decided to finish it. I’ve set aside two weeks for me to write out the whole novel. The main parts of the story are in place and yes, the ending has been written. The first chapter is done, so all I’ve to do is fill in the gaps of the missing chapters.

Two weeks to write a story that has been brewing for two years. Impossible? Not so I found out.

Paulo Coelho writes his books in non-stop stretches of two weeks. His stories brew in his head for years and when the signs are right, he sits down and writes things out. You’ll find this in his autobiography A Warrior’s Life. I picked up a copy and devoured the book in three days.

Why let a story brew for years? To add flavor and character. Like wine, a story gets better as it age. It comes out as more polish, more refined and more elegant. The voice I had when I first wrote this story, two years ago was boyish, childish even, but the voice that would end it will be older; more matured.

Now, if only I can state a day when I actually would start the two weeks count down.


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