Two Halves Don’t Make One

There are things in life more important than love or for that matter romantic love. What about the idea of loving someone to just want to see them happy? The idea where one can be happy just because they love someone without expecting anything in return, has long intrigued me. Can it be possible? Is it a pipe dream? Or too hard a concept to put into practice?

We could throw our hands up in anguish and call it a foolish notion. Human beings are selfish creatures by nature. Forever self seeking, wanting to gratify their own desires. Yet we are creatures seeking fulfilment, seeking to fill that empty void within us with some form of meaning. Some manner of order of which we can truly say, we are fully satisfied with our lives. Unfulfilled, we continued on seeking; often times in all the wrong places, that which eludes us. The pursuit of happiness. The chase of a dream. The capture of an aspiration.

So do we really need to burden ourselves with the quest of love? Do we truly need to bind ourselves with a false sense of happiness tied into the persona of a frail being such as a man or woman? Can not one live on their own and still be happy?

If fulfillment is the ultimate aim for us, surely it is one we must find on our own first and then shared. So until one finds their own way, one should first refrain from seeking completion in another person, because two halves do not make a whole person. Rather, it takes two complete individuals to make up a whole complete relationship.

And that is the mystery.


One Response to Two Halves Don’t Make One

  1. blissbait says:

    wow. the theme tonight
    just read a cool post on jung’s
    thoughts on the matter

    What a trip! I enjoyed reading this post and agree with You. About half an hour ago I read a similar post about the whole animus/anima theory of Carl Jung’s.

    Thank You and Namaste. 🙂

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