Evening out with photographers

Had the change to attend a talk by four (4) Malaysian professional photographers last night. In true Malaysian style it was late by about an hour. My brother, friend and I arrived, I parked the car, we got lost looking for the hall, made ourselves comfortable third (3rd) row from the front and waited an hour. What kept me from leaving was the fact that with RM10 we had refreshments and I wanted to see Saiful Nang in person.

And after the usual opening speech, the crowd (for those who caught it) were entertained to some stuff from the dark side of the internet. Lesson learnt: never, NEVER, put personal stuff onto a presentation notebook, cause you NEVER know if the file gets opened for public viewing.

All the photographers were wedding photographers, which in all honesty is not my cup of tea, but I was there to listen to their story. I wanted to hear what they had to say about photography and about the pains they had to go through when they first started out as a professional photographer in Malaysia. To his credit, Saiful Nang‘s story is an inspiration to all aspiring photographers.

Made me think about my own motivation for photography. The capture of light and the decisive moment.

Time to pick up my camera and express myself.


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