Goodbye Yasmin Ahmad – Malaysian filmaker

I had the privilege of meeting Yasmin Ahmad some years back and I’ve been a fan of her work since then. She was unforgettable. Her works, incredible. What else can be said of a true Malaysian story teller. Someone who, in her movies and short commercial clips was able to tug at our hearts, making us laugh, cry and wonder. She wrote on a canvas that moved us to believe in simple things. Some deemed her work as a tad controversial or un-Malaysian. Yet she took it in her stride and looking at it another way, there was a response to her works which meant it did what it was suppose to do – touch hearts.

Check out this tribute and I am sure you will feel the same way I did when watching her work – The Best of Yasmin Ahmad.


One Response to Goodbye Yasmin Ahmad – Malaysian filmaker

  1. haiza najwa says:

    Hmm.. we all do share d grief n sorrw. Unlike U, nevr knw her in prsn bt I do gv crdts 2 hr Xtraordnry n Xcellent wrk. Hr movie alwez depict d authentic Msian n was done beautifully n almst naturally. Did touched d viewers hearts 2 d core, espclly me. May her soul be blezd

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