Knowing the ending helps the beginning.

I amuse my friends when I tell them that I write the ending of my stories before even knowing how it started. I write the end, write the beginning and then fill in the blanks. Often times the ending may change a little to suit how the story pan out but the core points remain the same.

This method works for me. It may not work for some but it works for me. It’s hard to write when you don’t have goals. Milestones to accomplish and without direction. Having the end in mind, points you in the direction you need to go. How you get there is what makes your story interesting. This method not only applies to writing novels or stories but also to scripts or dramas or even a final year thesis paper. Heck, even a love letter…

The end must have resolution. Answers to a question or your hero finding what he is seeking or your hero loosing something. There must be resolution. The beginning can have a question that your hero set out to answer. And the central premise of the story would be to have our hero take the adventure of his life, seeking the answer to his question.

Writing may not have to be so complicated and I hope this simple method makes things easier for you.

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3 Responses to Knowing the ending helps the beginning.

  1. Greetings Maclean Patrick!

    I’m Adeline George, a 3rd year student of Bachelor’s Degree in TESOL Education from USM, Penang. Along with my other coursemates, we’re taking the subject ‘Malaysian Literature in English’ this semester. Our group project work requires us to interview a Malaysian author who has written and published work fiction in English. Thus, we are very interested to have a personal & informal meeting with you. Have u been requested for an interview by any other USM student as well? We hope not.

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  2. haiza najwa says:

    Smthg new. I wish I cld try ur way. Fndg a conclusion b4 even strtg a stry? Bt I’ve 2 b mad frst. Only a ‘really someone’ cd do that. Well..consider urself amg tht ctgry. Hmm..all da besttt 4 ur nxt nvl. May b, I’ll stt reading from back 2 front… kak Hz Njw

  3. Hezzy Azra says:


    It’s the same style ‘Remy’ writes his novel, am I right? I’ve read your masterpiece… a simple story but really got me hooked to it!

    Cant wait to read your 2nd…

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