Standing Still in Life

Life is life and in life all things are fair. In good and in bad, life is fair because that is life. So we shouldn’t scream over in-perfections of life. We stand still and accept the role life has to play. And it is in times of bad, we stand still and view our life with keener eyes. It is during those times we seek our strengths and gauge the force that pushes us up and down the mountains of life itself.

We stand still even when it hurts or when others view it differently. My view will be different then yours and I stand still base on my view not yours. Should you then judge me for my stand base on your view? Instead, it would be wise to catch a glimpse of my view and align your view to mine. If you still cannot accept it then be it so but allow it to enrich your view. To teach you that in life, views can vary and it can provide us much insight and knowledge. Start a collection of views.

Standing still and allowing life to be life would teach us to live to the fullest.

Sometimes even when standing on the wrong side of things could teach you lessons those who stand on the right; would never learn. Avoidance of life would merely mean your bottle of experience is either half empty or less full. Let life be life, and understand that in life, all things are fair. It is life being life.

Standing still would teach us, life moves to its own beat. And it is a beat that moves the universe. As a writer, it is this beat that we train our ears to hear. We write about life and how life orchestrate peoples’ tempo. We write so others may see the depth of life itself.

As for me, at the end of my time here. I want to be able to say, “Look at my bottle. It is filled with life lived to the extent of its fullness. I have seen things, felt things, said things, thought things; none of you may have known. I have lived life and found it beautiful even when my experiences were ugly. Life is fair. To each his own and to each his lot.”


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