Second book DONE!

Finally, after writing since January of this year (2008) I finally finished writing the draft for my second novel. Coming it at about 68,000 words, its longer than my previous book by about 20,000 words. Why is word count important? Anything above 60,000 words make it a novel. Anything below puts it under the short-story or novella category. Well, unless you go by Stephen King’s standards where his short stories are 100,000 word tomes.

So, I’m now doing my first editing of the draft. The first draft is always the worse of the lot. It should never be treated as the finished article. Instead, this is the manuscript that chronicles the story and once written, it should then be polished up. Never, ever think that the first draft can be shipped out to the publishers without editing. The publishers would look at it and use it for basket-ball practice.

Once I’ve finished with the editing then I would have a second draft, which I plan to pass to friends for further reading and review. Some more editing and rewriting will follow since my friends would pick up stuff I may have missed. Authors are always blind to their own mistakes, since we are too familiar with the work.

From there, I would send it to the publishers. I’m thinking of trying a new publisher from the one I had for my first book. They are more focused on english titles and I believe would look after my interest better.

So, half the work is done. Now, I need to work doubly hard; if I want to see this book out in bookstores early next year.


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