I watched Accuracy of Death – GREAT movie!

I read the review and was intrigue by the theme of the movie. I watched Meet Joe Black (MJB), even with Brat Pitt playing the Grim Reaper, MJB sent people to sleep. But Accuracy of Death, which has Takeshi Kaneshiro playing a Shinigami (God of Death) is notches above MJB by the fact it asks us the question, Did you live your life to the fullest?

This is the question that stuck to me after watching it. I got hold of a copy of the movie, horrific subtitles and had to second-guess what the characters where saying through out the show. I’ll be watching out for the original DVD, just to catch what exactly was being said. The movie is hinged on the ability of Takeshi Kaneshiro’s to draw you into the Shinigami’s view of life and death. Ultimately, the Shinigami must decide, after observing the human for 7 days, whether death is warranted or life should proceed. He asks those he evaluate, Have you thought of Death? or Are you ready to die?

This is the central idea of the movie. Have you lived your life to the fullest or have you fulfilled the purpose you have on this earth? And when that purpose is done, it is time to pass on. At the end, death is a part of living life and not something that ends living. Unlike, the western concept of the Grim Reaper, who merely comes to pass death, the Shinigami can delay it, thus giving a 2nd chance for the human to pursue their purpose in life.

As a writer, the idea of life and death is something interesting to me. It warrants exploration and expounding for most people are afraid of death since death itself is perceived as an end to things. But what if death is a reward for living a fulfilled life? For at the end of the day, there is reason to say, I’ve done all I’m purposed to do and death is the natural thing to pass on to. There is nothing to fear. Nothing to regret.

So, I highly recommend this movie. It’ll make you want to live life with a purpose rather than scare concerning death. Besides, we’re all going to die, so why are we so scared of it?


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