Silence to a writer

Silence is something most writer dread. Often times it is a silence of the mind, when ideas and imagination seemingly go to sleep and snore. It could drag on for weeks, months and even years. As if that faucet of words have remained forever in the closed position and no amount of turning would draw a drop of water. It is a silence, which eats away at the motivation to write and often times you question the very reason you even call yourself a writer.

How can I write when I have nothing to write about?

So we run amok, almost into a panic fit when the words run out and the stories seem to repeat themselves (I think I wrote this before?), when every attempt at typing the words on your notebook is merely an exercise at staring onto a blank screen. No strain on the fingers but it would kill your eyesight any day.

So what can you do?

In most cases. Nothing. Don’t force it, take it in stride and like most activities involving imagination, wait for the spark of inspiration. Don’t worry, it will come and be prepared for it when it does strike. And strike it would, hard and fast. This works well for writers who live at the edge of their seats. The kind who go into a flurry of activity when the urge comes.

The other way is to develop a system to write. A method, which keeps you writing. In my moments of silence, I continue writing in my blogs. I have two (2) that I work on. At least one(1) of these two(2) I update everyday because it generates a nice sum for me in advertising money. And I write outside of my genre. I write about politics of the day. Totally a world away from my stories on love and human tragedy though you could connect the two.

When you encounter these lean moments of silence, keep writing or do something with your free time. Don’t remain idle hoping the spark would hit you. The spark will hit you but in the mean time keep your mind active and working.

The best counter to silence is action. So get moving!


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