The 2 factors that affect genre choice

Let’s be honest with ourselves. When it comes to writing, we put the choice of genre quite low on our to-do list. It probably comes in after attending that Write a Novel in 30 days course you sign-up for. Ditch the course (they just do it to take your money) and choose you genre first.

Genre is key to your success as a writer. It determines where you are headed and generally keeps you focus on your writing. But how do you make the choice?

Let me propose two (2) factors you can take into consideration when making your choice for which genre you want to write in.

What Do You Read?
Look at your personal library of books (you should have one) and see what type of book stands out the most. You see, your style of writing would closely reflect your choice of reading. You tend to imitate the author you love most, you would actually phrase yourself base on the model you see in his/her novels. And in most cases that particular style is suited for the genre he/she writes in.

Check out what you read the most. The one that connects with you on an emotional level and try your hand in writing in that genre.

How You Say It?
Invite a friend over and tell them a story. Did it make them cry? Laugh? Or irritated? Did it make them think?

How you say it refers to your voice in writing. Writers are story tellers and each has a distinct voice, distinct way of phrasing their words and a distinct tone to the mood in the story. Angry tones are suited for a murder-mystery or horror. Soft gentle tones – romance, general fiction. Quiet reflective tones – self help manuals or general fiction. The tone of your writers voice should fit the genre.

A mismatch of voice to genre would only make it a comedy to read but then that in itself may be a good thing.

Another thing to consider when choosing genre. Don’t choose it for the money. Yes, some genre sell more that others and it is tempting to want to fish in the pond where the fish is plenty but remember there are other anglers vying for the same fish. Instead, choose a genre that you are passionate about and see if you can create a niche for yourself. If that niche is already populated check out the other writers and see how you can create your own unique identity away from them.

There you have it. If you can think of any other factors that contribute to choosing a genre, just drop me a comment.


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