Writing about life

Almost anything in life can be turned into a book. Provided you are willing to allow your life to be showcased in the public arena. It is then a good thing that circumstances happen to us whether they are good or bad. Most times the best stories are about how a bad situation turns for the better and we gain something wonderful out of it. Most times it is a story of lost and gain that captures our hearts. Whatever the plot, our lives are rich gold-mines for stories.

But diving deep into our lives for those nuggets of stories is a daunting task. It strains you emotionally, drains you mentally and often times cause a slight state of insanity as you deal with issues that may have been repressed long ago. This is what I find when I dive into my own life experiences to seek out diamonds in the rough upon which I can create a basis to build good plots.

I find as I descend that tunnel, goblins of various kinds, strange apparitions and the occasional fire breathing dragon. There are dangers along the way, traps laid by past hurts and angry voices that echo against the tunnel wall. All of them screaming out for attention, all of them wishing to be written. All of them with the potential to scar your mind.

Writing is such a journey, a lonely journey and we have the capability to dwell within the situation whether its our own or the lives of others. We are emphatic beings, spending most of our time in the shoes of others. Writing their thoughts, their speech, their actions and almost all the time looking at our own lives as a foundation for logic and truth. Even in fantasy, logic has to hold true.

Be happy that you have a life that hurts you, pains you, makes you cry, or laugh, or plain angry because that is ripe material for stories that move other people.


One Response to Writing about life

  1. Dora says:

    That is an interesting thought actually. I like writing. But it never occurred to me how a lot of what is written comes from difficult times in life.

    It should be obvious actually, now that I think about it. But I guess I never thought about it.

    So, thank you for the advice, and the next time shit happens, I’m going to remember that it’s a gift of writing material. 🙂

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