Stuck with the plot…make them argue or blow up a bomb.

I was stuck in chapter 13 of my book. I was stuck for 3 weeks trying to wiggle my characters out of this boring spiral that threatened to send the book into super, draggy overdrive. So frustrating. My character was too nice, his grandmother was too nice, everything was too nice.

I took a rest from writing but the nagging thought still stayed. How to move the story along? Sometimes we get too tied into the plot that our characters stop breathing and live like robots. Then it struck me in the middle of the night.

Stephen King once had one of these dead-pan days while writing his book The Stand. He hit a snag in the plot, so he shoved the book into the drawer and took a walk. He took quite a number of walks before he came to the idea to blow the plot up. Literally. He put a bomb into the story and blew it up and watch to see what his characters did. It worked. The story moved in an unexpected direction and the rest is history.

For me, I just made my character argue with his grandmother. Shattered his nice guy image, made the grandmother depressed and to further punished my hero, I made him get more depress by introducing more stress into his life in chapter 13. It blew the story wide open and introduced several new paths for me to explore.

Remember, as writers we are the master of the story. We can place several main ideas and push our characters into living the life we want them to but there are times we just have to draw blood in order to make someone scream something that makes the other characters react. It may even surprise you and your story takes another dimension to it. It’s really interesting.

So if your stuck with your plot, just blow it up and see if your characters can pick up the pieces. It’ll be an interesting ride.

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One Response to Stuck with the plot…make them argue or blow up a bomb.

  1. melody says:

    blow d plot up?
    jus wen u tot u hav no idea at all, d tot pops in ur mind..
    keep it up! ^.^

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