My new pet project –

I’ve been too busy with work to update this blog, plus I’ve been working on a new pet project. I could not afford to keep afloat, my resources had to be shifted to other things these pass few months. So with a heavy heart, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that has died a natural death.

Over the two (2) years, the was online, I had built a rather good readership base. Now, I’ve to rebuild it again. I’ve started working on another site that which I named Malaysian Sentinel. The site is a newspaper based concept. Where I gather reports and news items from various sites and write an article for the main page. I look out for matters that, I perceive would affect everyday Malaysians such as the state of the economy, education, justice, social issues and etc. I would be monitoring some on-going issues especially in the light of the changing state of Malaysia since the general elections.

As you all should know, the opposition has taken 5 states and 1 federal territory. DAP is governing Penang, PAS is governing Kedah and Kelantan, whereas PKR is governing Selangor. This leaves Perak, which by virtue of number of seats won should go to DAP but there’s a problem. The law states that the Chief Minister has to be a Malay Muslim. But even that can be worked around because there is also another clause that says, the Sultan can decide on whoever the Chief Minister is base on his judgement. This mean, the Sultan of Perak can decide to have a non-Muslim lead the state of Perak.

Anyway, read my thoughts on Malaysian Sentinel.

I’ve not really moved anywhere with my second book. Partly because I’m tackling a very hard chapter at the moment. So I’m allowing some thoughts to settle before I barn-storm my iBook. It’s frustrating when you cannot get your thoughts clearly onto paper. But this is the last mile for me. I know that if I can get over this chapter, the rest is down-hill and I would cross the finish line faster than a rat can pee.


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