That lingering feeling, undying love.

I’ve not written entries for my blog for weeks, partly because I’m swamp with work and partly due to tiredness from stress. Yes, I’m feeling a little strained from my daily responsibilities. A fellow colleague has left my department and I had to take over part of his work. There is a lot of information that I need to take in, new procedures to learn and various other details that I have to commit to memory. Fodder for information overload.

My second book has been slow going. It’s a bit of a period piece and I have to do some research,don’t want to be laughed at by those in the know. I’m dwelling on the thought of undying love. How some people can carry with them the love for someone whom they could not be with yet that love is the reason they are able to function. I had passed out chapters to some test readers and the feed back has been positive though I did get some dates wrong and a bit of a logic problem in one of the chapters.

My target for completion has been revised twice already. Originally, I wanted to finish the manuscript by end of January then pushed that back to February. It’s March and I’m only at 50% of my target word count. Developing the plot has been hard-going because the whole premise of the story is very simple. I do not want to bog the story down with unnecessary baggage but rather I want to cause the reader to think about their own lives and their ideas on loving someone.

What do you think? Can love really be undying that you carry it throughout your life; even-though you never could be with that person you love?

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